Many of us stand at this crossroads, not only from the sheer terror of change but also because we have to admit that we’re lost and we’re not even sure how to begin this journey. Feeling overwhelmed, we may even try to turn back toward the darkness, toward the void in our life. But for those who are standing at the crossroads, the first thing each one of us has to admit is that we can’t do it alone; that we do need help and support for one another.

Once you step into an Orthodox Church you truly do not know whether you’re on earth or if you’re at the gates of heaven. So, when seeking guidance and direction, who better to learn from than those before us who were tried, tested, and were shown over time, to be filled with that light shining over the horizon. Not only filled with that light, but shared that joy and light with everyone they encountered.  These brave men and women have shared this light with millions upon millions of people for well over 2,000 years. 

Do you need a great physician to heal your soul?  We have them here. 

Do you need a great strategist to help you war against your passions? We have the best generals and warriors available. 

Do you need sobriety from a fallen world that has intoxicated you? We have the best and the most diverse counselors here.

Do you need the expertise of an explorer who can help guide you where you’re going?  We have the best Captains to help you navigate the uncharted territories of your heart.

Or do you simply need to know that you’re not alone? We have great comforters here who are always with you in your best moments and in your worst, and will never abandon you.

This is the Orthodox Church that is filled with countless men and women who were divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit and revealed to us by God to help each one of us on an individual and personal level and to help guide all of humanity as a whole to draw closer to Jesus Christ; to help raise the image that was lost but can be found again. The first step is always the hardest step but, if you’re ever in need of help, Sts. Theodore’s doors are open to everyone that is inspired and struggling to draw closer to the light of God. Your new beginning is just over the horizon


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