February 2014
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The Messenger of Sts. Theodore Orthodox Church
A Parish of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad
96 Los Robles St., Williamsville NY 14221 (716) 634-6712

Very Rev. Dr. Peter Jackson, rector
Rev. Fr. John Boddecker
Rev. Deacon Andrew Hammond

Vol. XV, No. 2
February 2014
Weekly Schedule
Vigil            Saturday, 5:00pm
Divine Liturgy        Sunday, 9:00am
Akathist            Wednesday, 6:00pm

Feast of the Meeting of the Lord (Candlemas)
    Vigil: February 1/14, 6:00pm
    Divine Liturgy: February 2/15, 9:00am

Candles will be blessed at the end of Divine Liturgy.

This is a Great Feast. All should prepare to receive Holy Communion.


Parish News

 The Parish Council will meet on Sunday, February 2.
 Archpriest George Aswad, retired rector of St. George Antiochian Church in Lewiston, reposed in the Lord on Friday, January 31. May his memory be eternal!
 Ilya Alexandrovich Nikolaev was born on Thursday, February 6. Congratulations to the Nikolaev family! Many years!
 Our Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 9, after Divine Liturgy. We will be electing a warden and a lay member. Marcus Bursik is currently completing Eugene Korbut’s term as warden. The lay position is currently held by Ludmilla Ibarra. We will also be voting on the 2014 budget. If you are a parish member, please make sure you are current with your dues. You must also have received Holy Communion at Sts. Theodore within the last year. If you are not yet a member, please speak with our treasurer, Natalie Moczerniak.
 There is no fasting February 9-15 in order to remind us not to fast hypocritically like the Pharisee of the parable.
 Singers: The Pan Orthodox Choir will be singing the responses to all the Lenten Vespers services on Sunday evenings during Great Lent. All Orthodox singers are invited to join them. Two rehearsals are scheduled before the Sunday of Orthodoxy: Sundays Feb 16 and 23, 5 to 7 PM at the St Stephen Church in Lackawanna.
 Our annual St. Nino Akathist and Dinner will be on Thursday, February 20, at 6:00pm. John and Joanne Kachelmeyer will be coming from Michigan!
 Our spring Russian Bazaar will be on April 5 and 12. Please ask Cathy Fudala how you can help.


Name Days This Month

 January 20/February 2: Ina Kramer (Holy Martyr Inna)
 January 21/February 3: Maximus Hammond (St. Maximus the Confessor)
 January 22/February 4: Timothy Damiano (Apostle Timothy)
 January 27/February 9: John (Jonathan) Sexauer (St. John Chrysostom)
 January 28/February 10: Ephraim Boddecker (St. Ephraim the Syrian)

Многая Лета!                Many Years!


Letter from the Jacksons

By now you have heard that it looks like Matushka and I are moving to Miami at the request of Metropolitan Hilarion. There is a Spanish-language mission there that has asked to be received by the Russian Church Abroad and urgently needs a Spanish-speaking ROCOR priest to minister to them. We are still moving forward on relocating to Guatemala, but we are seeing that this is going to take more time than we first thought. For one thing, the seminary in Guatemala is still lacking the funding and infrastructure necessary to be able to operate full-time. Also, we have not yet received the monthly pledges we need to be able to move there permanently.

Just after Nativity we were wondering whether there was any way that we could transition to a situation where we could be based closer to Guatemala and make regular trips there until things develop such that we can actually live there year-round. We then learned – quite miraculously in fact – that ROCOR had recently been approached by a Spanish-speaking community in Miami, and they are desperate to find a priest to serve them.

This community was founded thirty years ago by a non-canonical priest. When he died a few years ago, his family realized that they needed to bring their mission into canonical Orthodoxy. Metropolitan Hilarion has agreed to receive them into ROCOR, but they currently have a non-canonical priest serving them until a ROCOR priest can be assigned there, which is why we have to move as soon as we can. They have a large number people attending on Sundays, most of whom are not yet Orthodox. It is quite a delicate and irregular situation. The priest there now is serving Communion to Roman Catholics, so the situation needs to be corrected as soon as possible. The board members of the mission church have ties to Guatemala and understand our vision to have Miami be a base for working in Guatemala in addition to serving at the Miami mission.

Fr. Serge Lukianov, the secretary of our Eastern American diocese, also anticipates that I will serve as the diocesan liaison for ROCOR’s Spanish-language parishes in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

It is hard to say exactly when we will be moving. There are still a few issues to be ironed out in Miami first. As I write this, it could be any time in March or even April. We are actively working on finding housing there. Things are very much up in the air at this point. We will keep everyone posted as things develop.

Even though we announced last March that we would be leaving Sts. Theodore, I know that it has come as a surprise that our departure is coming so suddenly. But the situation in Miami is urgent, because if the parish there does not get a priest soon, they might leave ROCOR. We are pleased that Fr. John Boddecker has already been ordained and been serving regularly. He is ready to assume responsibility for Sts. Theodore. Everything has been falling into place by God’s providence. I can see that that you will be as loving to the Boddecker family as you have been to us.

It has been a joy and a privilege to serve at Sts. Theodore Church these fifteen years. You are a parish “zealous of good works”, and we could not have wished for a better parish to serve in. It is rare to find a parish with such dedicated members. You are truly a church family, and we have been blessed to be part of it.

I have always said that we would be more than happy to live out the rest of our days here in Williamsville. We are so glad to have been able to raise our boys here and benefit from all that the parish and the community have had to offer. But we can see God’s hand in His plans for us in Guatemala and Miami, and we are confident that this is God’s will.

Please remember us in your prayers, as we will remember you all in ours.

For any way that I have offended any of you over the last fifteen years, please forgive me, a sinner.

With much love in Christ,

Fr. Peter and Matushka Styliana


2014 Lenten Series Schedule

Every year the Council of Orthodox Churches on the Niagara Frontier organizes a Lenten series of Sunday evening Vespers services followed by a lecture and fellowship. This year’s theme is the Seven Ecumenical Councils. Our guest speaker on the Sunday of Orthodoxy will Fr. Gregory Hogg. Fr. Gregory is the rector of Holy Cross Antiochian Church in Dorr MI and teaches philosophy at Grand Valley State University. He is currently writing a book on the Seven Ecumenical Councils. Each Sunday we will gather at a different local parish at 5:00pm. Please join us!

Date                          Location                           Speaker                                     Topic

March 9                 St. George OCA             Fr. Gregory Hogg              First Ecumenical Council
March 16               St. George                       Fr. Jason Vansuch           Icons and the Seventh
                              Antiochian                        and Julie Ricci                  Ecumencial Council

March 23             Sts. Peter & Paul              Dn. Mark Hoeplinger       The Theotokos and the
                                                                                                             Third Ecumenical Council

March 30              St. Mary                             Fr. Paul Solberg             The Holy Spirit and the
                             Carpatho-Russian                                                    Second Ecumenical Council

April 6                    St. Stephen                      Fr. John Boddecker        The Natures of Christ and the
                                                                                                              Fourth Ecumenical Council

Volunteers in Mission Project Planned for Jacmel, Haiti
With the blessing of His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion, a Volunteers in Mission (VIM) project has been set for Jacmel, Haiti, from April 25 to May 5. The project will be run by Archpriest John Moses (VIM founder and rector of Holy Myrrhbearers Church in Harrisonburg, VA).
All those interested are invited to download and fill out the volunteer form at http://eadiocese.org/News/2014/feb/VIM.pdf and mail it to Fr. John as soon as possible:
Very Rev. John Moses
3648 Middlebrook Village Road
Middlebrook, VA 24459
(540) 256-3938
Those who have worked in previous VIM projects do not need to fill out a new form, but should contact Fr. John by phone or e-mail at their earliest convenience.
Volunteers should commit to raising money not only for their own expenses, but for the benefit of the mission church in Jacmel. All volunteers, as well as those interested in supporting the mission trip, are encouraged to talk to their parish priest about the possibilities.
The number of participants will be limited to 10-12 people. A skilled carpenter will be traveling with the group and will direct the volunteers. The group will also do some sightseeing and participate in the divine services. It is important that every volunteer commit to the full time. Given the difficulty of travel in Haiti, late arrivals or early departures will simply not be possible.
Once interest is indicated, volunteers will receive all important information, including costs for travel, food, and hotel accommodations. There will also be information on possible health concerns, insurance, and visas. Volunteers will need a current passport.
Join VIM in what promises to be a fulfilling and spiritually uplifting experience, and please pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti and for the VIM project at Jacmel!

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